Republicans Love Handouts Until Black People Benefit From Them


Gator Great
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Jun 13, 2021
racist ron is typical of those who don't understand what they read on the internet and make stupid conclusions from their misunderstanding

First, lets just start with the data you posted to support your belief

You do realize that's a snapshot of 1 year (2017) right?
Your claim was that "blacks have ALWAYS gotten most of the handouts on a percentage basis"

Anyone can see that the data you posted doesn't even prove that point

Now that single misstatement could be explained as an example of sloppy research but you make a quite a few more misstatements

Second, you don't even know what that data represents

I found the blog post you pulled your numbers doesn't even tell you what he considers "welfare" to create the numbers you cite

But let's say the author means what is traditionally called "welfare" I don't think that definition include student loans. If racist ron wants to call student loans government "handouts" then all government loans would fall under the "handout" category.
Not to mention all federal grants too.

So not only are those "handouts" not reflected in racist ron's numbers but the student loan data also shows his claim is wrong (again)...

Student Loans by Race and Ethnicity
  • 40.2% of White undergraduate students use student loans to pay for school.
  • 55% of student loans go to White students.
  • 50.8% of Black students use student loans.
  • 20% of loans go to Black students.
  • 23% of Asian students use 4% of student loans.
  • 0.3% of loans go to Pacific Islanders.
Jun 13, 2022

Student Loan Debt by Race [2022] - Education Data Initiative

Third, you claimed that "That is who they were created for by FDR"

Do you even know what FDR created in the New Deal?

If you did you would be hard pressed to think that those programs were created to benefit black people...let alone to buy their votes

Tell us which one of these programs were specifically targeted at black people as you claim... Spoiler Alert: None of them were.
Policy Case Study: Social "Safety Net" Legislative Policies (The New Deal):
H.R. 1491 Emergency banking

Will allow the Federal Reserve Banks to lend money to banks to help them reopen

H.R. 3835 Agriculture Adjustment
Will pay farmers not to raise crops (subsidies) so their prices would rise.

H.R. 5755 Industrial Recovery
Will create public works projects (roads, bridges, etc.) in order to create millions of jobs- Will be managed by the Civil Works Administration

S. 598 Civilian Conservation Corps
Will recruit young unemployed men and send them to camps to perform reforestation and conservation work.

H.R. 4606 Federal Emergency Relief
Will allow the federal government to give loans to the states, so the states can operate their own relief programs.

H.R. 5081 Tennessee Valley Authority
The new agency will tackle important problems facing the valley. They will build dams to help control flooding, create temporary jobs, and provide electricity to homes and businesses.

H.R. 5480 Securities Regulation
This bill will give the executive branch the authority to regulate stocks and bonds. This aims to prevent another stock market crash.

H.R. 5661 Banking
This bill will;

1. create the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to protect depositors’ funds. If a bank goes out of business, or is robbed, people will still be able to get money

2. Make it illegal for banks to use their customer’s money to buy stocks.

H.R. 5240 Homeowners
This bill will provide aid to homeowners in danger of losing their homes.

And Fourth...

But what about Social Security? Racist ron would say THAT surely was created by FDR as a handout to blacks to buy their votes.

Actually Social Security passed under FDR didn't benefit black people anywhere near as much as whites
65 percent of the African American workforce was excluded from the initial Social Security program (as well as 27 percent of white workers). Many of these workers were covered only later on, when Social Security was expanded in 1950 and then in 1954.[13][14][15]

So basically there are A LOT of errors in racist ron's response

i would say you're as dumb as a brick but bricks are smart enough to STFU rather than open their mouths and confirm how dumb (and racist) they are unlike racist ron