Trump is the measuring stick

Oct 1, 2012
Our President Trump is now the measuring stick for the republican party. Any candidate that runs as America First will be compared to how Trump does.

Desantis has so far met that challenge. And he's reaping the rewards from doing so. He will now become the measuring stick for other governors. If Kari Lake wins, she now has to live up to comparisons to both Trump AND DeSantis.

If she meets the challenge, she can likely walk to the White House when DeSantis is done. If she wants.

Folks, this is what WINNING looks like. We've gone from a few years ago priming Jeb Bush to be the next Bush to prepping DeSantis to be the next Trump.

It's not always pretty, but war never is.

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Nov 29, 2021
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Trump's Greatest Achievement That No One Is Talking About: Flushing Out the Swamp Commies​

He did not flush many he DID expose them so that we know EXACTLY who they are. It will be one of his GREATEST achievements, of the MANY that he had.


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Jun 15, 2007
Almost every house on my block has a DeSantis sign in their yard. We only have about 20% snowflake libs in our area. Not ONE Crist sign...they are too embarrassed
This is a data point in my hypothesis that hate doesn't drive voter engagement en masse.

Sure, you'll get a few crazies that just hold their nose and vote for a bad candidate to vote against another, but positivity and enthusiasm are BY FAR greater drivers.

If hate was so powerful every Lib on your block would be flying the Crist flag far and wide, happy that meant they opposed America First candidates.
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Feb 13, 2008
Looking more like the establishment crooks may be getting to DeSantis with their money and talk. Trump needs to announce he is running within 2 weeks of midterms and crush DeSantis early if he is foolish enough to take on that mission.
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