This is why we say the sheep believe in a world that doesn't exist

Oct 1, 2012

Now sheep....can we talk?

I know you hate you some Trump, and I know you will believe almost ANYTHING about Trump that you think makes Trump look bad.

But.....I have to hope.....even YOU can see that Maggie Haberman of the New York Times does NOT have a source 'close to Trump'.

I mean, even a Trump hater like you understands this is a blatant lie, right?

No one is pushing Trump to move his announcement. The dems were caught flat-footed by the announcement cause it forces them to indict Trump BEFORE next Tuesday, and they have nothing to indict him over.

So if they rush it through, it will just get bounced and they know it. Maggie the Mouthpiece knows it.

Sheep....again. I know you hate you some Trump. But even you must be willing to admit that aint nobody close to Trump telling Maggie damn Haberman what he's up to. Right?

Please tell me you aren't that lost.