Most amazing atmospheres I’ve ever witnessed

Sep 4, 2021
Not here to gloat but I went to my first game ever at the Swamp and it was an experience unlike one I’ve ever had at a sporting event. The game itself was a great atmosphere and 90,000 fans singing Tom Petty at the top of their lungs topped it off. Clearly one of the top if not the best stadiums in the country. Thanks for the hospitality you showed to me and my fellow Kentucky fans who also attended and good luck the rest of the season.
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Swamp Thing
Jan 7, 2022
Agreed that it was a great atmosphere EXCEPT for this lady Gator fan standing right behind me. I was in the UK visitors section and somehow we had about 5-6 Gator fans beside / behind us. They were fine except for the lady screaming in my ear and trash talking out loud most of the game. Thank God I was able to maintain self control because I was tempted to slap the sh!t out of her more than once.

I did make it a point to turn around and yell in her in her face late in the game, which felt really good. She left soon after the Gators second failed 4th down conversion attempt.

Other than that one obnoxious fan, the remaining Gator fans were very friendly and gracious even after the game. And yes, the interlude btw the 3rd and 4th Qtr with Tom Petty was really really cool. Even the UK fans were singing along.