Let's make a list...

Oct 1, 2012
....of some of Trump's major accomplishments...

Securing the Southern border
Massive spike in human and sex trafficking arrests
Push to stop having politicians enrich themselves after they leave a President's administration by becoming lobbyists
Completely re-writing trade deals, so in every instance terms are greatly improved for the United States
Crackdown on huge trade imbalance with China. Repeated tariffs, companies now coming BACK to the US from China

All of these things are GOOD FOR AMERICA.

And all of these things are items that obama could have done, but he didn't.

Dubya didn't do them either. Neither did Clinton, neither did Bush Sr.

How is Trump different? Because he's NOT ESTABLISHMENT. He made his fortune BEFORE he came to DC.

Most politicians come to DC *TO* make a fortune.

That's why everyone in DC hates Trump. Because he's ending their gravy train AND he's exposing their corruption.

Wait...you thought the politicians you voted for worked for YOU? Bless your heart!

For the first time in decades, we actually have a president that's working for us.

You know how you can tell the politicians that HAVEN'T been working for us? They are the ones that want Trump stopped.

This isn't that difficult, the answers have been right in front of you all along.

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