Kentucky game doesn’t look good.


Gator Great
Jan 30, 2002
As of 7p.m.they are down 18 players and 19!staff. They need 53 scholarship
Players to play the game. Would suck for Trask!

Jeff from Jax

Rowdy Reptile
Dec 2, 2004
Jacksonville, FL
If Kentucky cancels then we should go play Tennessee since they got cancelled this weekend.
Tebow Time,

Good idea - but I doubt that they can work that out. Last article that I saw was that KY would be retesting Thursday - Happy Turkey Day !

"... Kentucky is set to test its players and personnel again one more time tomorrow (today - Thursday) and those test results - returned Friday - will likely let both teams know if the game is to be played."

I realize that Air carriers have plenty of unused equipment sitting around & Knoxville probably has plenty of empty hotel rooms, but putting together air transport & rooms in mere hours would be difficult at any time, during this Pandemic - near impossible.

Both teams have done some game planning for each other as opponents, so that would likely even out. Traveling to Knoxville on the spur of the moment would put Gators at a severe disadvantage - perhaps moving the game to Sunday might help. Fan attendance would have to be sacrificed, but few fans attending games at this point anyway.

Just doubt they could pull it off even if they start working on it today.

BUT, who knows; this is the SEC !