Heartbreak for the war-mongering dems.....the Sudan and Israel agree to peace

Sunburnt Indian

Gator Great
Nov 7, 2001
And Lamumba wins the Nobel Peace Prize? Nobel should earn some kind of joke prize. Where is Razzy when needed?


Rowdy Reptile
Nov 5, 2001
Sudan has never been at war with Israel
They've also never recognized or had normalized relations with Israel...but now they will. Do you see how that might be a good thing?

I know you people on the left hate Trump with retarded passion but how does cheering against peace and progress help your overall cause?

China doesn't want a single country to recognize Taiwan. Not even tiny, almost completely unknown countries. Why is that in your opinion? Given that, can you see how The Sudan's recognition of Israel is a good thing and a step in the right direction?

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