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John Durham's final act: exposing the FBI or exposing himself?

"Russiagate special counsel John Durham is in the homestretch. His grand jury wrapped up work last week, apparently with no new indictments on the horizon. Attorney General Merrick Garland is said to anticipate receiving his final report by the end of the year. And Durham is gearing up for his last trial: the prosecution of Igor Danchenko, the principal source for the discredited Steele dossier.".....

"Durham’s investigation suffered a significant setback in the spring when a Washington, DC, jury acquitted Democratic lawyer Michael Sussmann. Durham’s prosecutors presented abundant evidence that Sussmann had falsely told the FBI that he was not working for the Clinton campaign when he peddled spurious information about a supposed Trump-Putin communications back channel. But the prosecutors curiously portrayed the FBI as the victim of Sussmann’s machinations when the proof suggested that the bureau was not fooled at all — and seemed more like a willing participant in building the Trump/Russia political narrative."....

"Yet these prosecutions are secondary to the vital story: What role did the FBI, whether by misfeasance or malfeasance, play in the Clinton campaign’s project to paint Trump as a clandestine agent of the Kremlin? For now, we have to hope that Durham’s final report will answer that question."

I think anyone paying a little attention knows Durham's final act is actually exposing himself and AG Barr more than the FBI. The writer of this article can be a naive clown at times but his sources are usually accurate when it comes to grand jury stuff etc. and the fake news has already been saying the same thing for a few days now so the end of this nonsense will be real close once the Danchenko trial ends and a report is supposedly written after that (I wouldn't 100% take that a report is written as a lock however though I lean to him doing one). No matter what Durham does here with writing a report saying the FBI was bad etc. It doesn't change anything whatsoever as the right already knows all the crimes the FBI crooks committed here with this operation against Trump and the mainstream media will just basically ignore it since there are no indictments of these big FBI crooks coming.

The one thing this may finally do however is stop the "secret plan" nonsense talk after all these years convincing these people that justice was going to be served and not to worry as Durham and company are playing 5D chess you know. Its crazy after 5 fricking years of lies people could still believe those hucksters peddling that nonsense. I fell for Barr's big talk at first but 100% knew no justice would be served when Durham's joke 1st trial was Sussmann a Clinton flunky who should have been squeezed along with Danchenko to testify against the biggest crooks here.

A share of my thoughts after listening to the most…..

I was not around in the civil war, but I challenge anyone to find a speech that was more divisive than what that blithering idiot just gave. I am an older guy, actually in my day was a decent bad ass. But time has caught up with me. However my passion for this Country has never been stronger. We banter back and forth, and I really believe if we were at a tailgate at a Gator game, more than likely we would for the most part enjoy each others company. However I will not stand by and let that speech be forgotten. Lastly, and you can take this to the bank. I will do anything to protect my Country from him, or anyone that sews division as he did tonight. I just wonder how many people will also defend the Country that they love. I am not really confident about that. I am very disappointed in a speech like that , from someone that 75 % of Americans do not support the direction he has us going.

trumpanzees Swear They Hate Calls Of Racism...Except When Their Fearless Leader Does It Constantly

Somehow trumpanzees NEVER hear donald trump doing this///Amazing huh?

Guess Who Donald Trump Says Is the Latest Victim of Racism? Yep. Donald Trump.​

The former president has a critical race theory about the prosecutors investigating his various malfeasances.​


I was watching a clip of his Saturday night rally. Specifically, his extended monologue about all the prosecutions he’s currently facing. He referred to the prosecutors as “radical, vicious, racist.” Radical and vicious didn’t faze me. That’s the kind of rhetorical offal that oozes out of the man’s mouth every time he opens it.

But “racist”? Where did that come from? Why racist?

But after sitting with it for a moment, I began to grasp the logical connections. Of course! Who’s investigating him?

Let’s have a look: New York State Attorney General Letitia James, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, and finally, District of Columbia Attorney General Karl Racine. Hmmm. Let’s see. Notice anything these four people have in common?

Yes, they’re Black. And because of that, it’s now a racist conspiracy against Trump. Never mind that it was the white Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance who originated that office’s pursuit of Trump. Or that any Democratic New York attorney general or Fulton County district attorney would be exploring the same types of cases against Trump that James and Willis are. Or that the chief judge of the Fulton County Superior Court that recently approved Willis’s request for a grand jury is white, or that white Republican Brad Raffensperger, the state’s attorney general, said he would testify before that grand jury.

Never mind all of that. Donald Trump has to make it a race war.

This is not a strategy. This is who he is. It’s how he thinks. If the person in question is a Black Democrat, then that person by definition and temperament and biological destiny must be out to destroy him. Trump has broken the law into a million pieces for 40 years. He should have been prosecuted in New York state about seven attorneys general ago. Now that one finally is, and she happens to be a Black Democrat, to Trump that can only mean she’s on a vicious and explicitly racial vendetta.

Remember the incident with the “Mexican” judge in 2016? A suit against Trump over Trump University, another scam that should have been prosecuted years before, was assigned to federal judge Gonzalo Curiel. Trump repeatedly and poisonously charged that Curiel couldn’t possibly hear the case fairly because he was “Mexican” (his parents were Mexican, but he was born in Indiana) and thus obviously biased against Trump because of rhetoric about building a border wall.

It was absurd, offensive, and racist from top to bottom, as many Republicans conceded. But recall the most interesting part of it: Trump never bothered denying it. Yes, I remember him saying in one interview—Of course I’m saying he’s biased because he’s Mexican! What other reason would there be? In Trump’s essentialist worldview, people aren’t people, or at least nonwhite people aren’t people; they’re just manifestations of Trump’s own racist presumptions about their ethnic traits. Unless of course they’re Trump sycophants. Then they’re all right.

By tossing that word “racist” into the mix, Trump throws more gasoline on a bonfire he’s done more to inflame than any figure in the recent history of this country. He hasn’t thought this through because he doesn’t think anything through. But in his gut he knows: He needs to stoke race rage. It infuriates liberals and makes his followers adore him all the more.

And this isn’t the first time he’s done it this year. At a January rally in Arizona, he lied that “the left is now rationing life-saving therapeutics based on race, discriminating against and denigrating, just denigrating white people to determine who lives and who dies. You get it based on race. In fact, in New York state, if you’re white, you have to go to the back of the line to get medical help. If you’re white, you go right to the back of the line.”

Of course none of this is true.

Illinois is now entering the Purge

Leftists in Illinois have passed the "Safe-T" act which prevents prosecutors from enforcing bail on minor infractions like 2nd Degree Murder.

They also can't enforce ankle monitor violations for 48 hours...which makes ankle monitors worthless.

@kalimgoodman @BSC911 @RayGravesGhost @Mdfgator - please come defend this and your party. Tell me how ending cash bail for violent offenders makes the world a better place.

More Biden selling us out

This is insane…