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Title Whine (I mean Title IX)

How many days do we have to endure this celebration on the SEC network? Good grief.
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Other than Chris Doering and Finebaum the SEC Network sucks effing balls. I'm no Finebaum flunky but at least he tells the truth. The asshole that crawls up my spine is that cuck Marty Smith. That fagtard needs to go buh bye! What a pussy! Makes Herbstreit look like Chuck Norris. 😂

Proprietary COVID-19 and Vaccine thread

Honest question: Is there a single POSITIVE benefit from these shots? We were told the shots keep you from getting covid.

Then when we found out that was a lie, the goalposts moved to 'well the shot means you are less likely to be hospitalized'. Now we are seeing that's not accurate either. In fact some studies now claim if you are 'vaccinated' that you are MORE LIKELY TO DIE FROM COVID.

Again, is there a SINGLE positive benefit from taking these shots?

For dems, I guess they feel like they are supporting their politics. That's all I can think of.

Recap of 2000 Mules

When Trump won in 2016, I wasn't happy (to put it mildly). But I didn't claim that he didn't win.
Wait,,,,,,, just wait an effing minute. I know you don't like Trump but this is eye popping. You actually think the murder queen, the Skankipotimus was a better choice than Trump was. Wow, just wow. That bitch is the worst thing that has ever run for public office. I still shudder that she came close to being our leader. Brandon is a pant's shitting puppet but the Hildibeast is pure incarnate evil. :oops:

Recap of 2000 Mules

Speaking of Kavanaugh and 1/6th, there is a rumor going around that former SCOTUS Justice Kennedy (who Kavanaugh replaced) will soon be making a public appearance.
You can't be serious LOL!

So you are following the Jan 6th hearings so closely that you know what the RUMORED guests are????

And you claim to be an independent. There are probably 500 people in America that know what you just posted (I honestly thought the circus ended over a week ago, it's still going on???), and NONE of them are independents.

This would be like me claiming to be an independent (not a Trump supporter), then telling you I was looking forward to seeing what Rudy had to say on tomorrow's episode of Kash Patel's podcast.

Texas school shooting...

Yeah I got friends I have to ask if they have active warrants or are illegally concealing firearms. It's gotten to the point I don't give people rides anymore.

Also, and this varies by state, but if no one claims ownership of the illegal item, the driver "owns" it and is charged.

Even if the passenger owns the vehicle, the driver is in command of the vehicle and is culpable. Food for thought that you probably knew but others may not.